Breña Baja, Spain - Polarsteps

An easy kinda day. Visited the capital Santa Cruz de la Palma, and besides the heat, 27° Celsius, the city was cool. Colonial colourful buildings around narrow streets and very steep ones, going up with a stroller and a toddler in it was quite a workout. Nothing too exciting though. In the late afternoon I left everyone at the beach-hotel and headed up the mountains. Ideally to watch the sun fading away on the horizon or the clouds rolling over the ridge of a volcano. Well that was all in my mind. The road up to the viewpoint was closed due to volcanic ashes so I had to walk for 2km, of course all my planning had gone south but I reached a different viewpoint, this wasn't that great as it was towards east. Then I decided to take the drone for a spin a see what the road looked like from air, and the military came. The area was closed for a reason (safety concerns) and had to take the drone down. Luckily no fine. So I didn't even wait for sunset time I headed back to the hotel. Mission failed.
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