Tijarafe, Spain - Polarsteps

Long long day we have gone through. A little longer than an hour to the top of the island. Roque de los Muchachos observatory and viewpoint. Quite an interesting spot. And a must come back spot for stargazing in the future. This natural reserve holds one of the clearest skies in the world, hence the huge telescopes. After lunch the freaking scary road to Poris de Candelaria. A natural cave which blew my mind. The rugged ocean waves crashing on shore where the little white fisherman houses are perfectly located. Simply mesmerizing. End of the day, or sunset was at, probably, the most beautiful viewpoint on the island, at list to the new volcano direction. Again from this spot the volcano destruction is out of the charts. Mother nature showed no mercy with the locals, and it's estimated more than 2600 buildings are completely buried in the lava. In a way I regret not have taken an early flight to witness this spectacle.
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