Christchurch, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Cairns - Melbourne - Christchurch New Zealand, travel day 100 Almost no sleep this night, I personally went late to bed trying to get some work done, and had to wake up early, 3:10 am for our flight at 6:15. We arrived a bit earlier and waited until checking baggage was open. Here the funny thing, I bought flying with Qantas, but they put us on Jetstar, I hate Jetstar, it’s the low cost of long distances and they only allow 7kg carry on, which as you can imagine is impossible for my photography gear, in the end I ended up shifting a few things and it looked like I checked in some stuff which I didn’t, but she gave me a hard time for no reason because they plane was half empty. The first flight was on time and we arrived in Melbourne just in time to check in on the second flight, this one with Qantas. The second flight was way better, we had lunch, a few drinks and I could work a bit more. Arriving in New Zealand, about sunset time, I had the time of the day. I could sit both window sides and the view was stunning, we were flying above the New Zealand Alps with the sunset light, couldn’t believe that was happening, I could just enjoy and capture the moment. Getting in the country was very smooth, even though they checked our shoes for seed traces and other things that could introduce new species of vegetation in the country, never seen that before. Soon after we jump onto a shuttle and arrived at the motel, went to the supermarket for some foodies and work work work.
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