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Akaroa - Okains Bay New Zealand, travel day 103 I set up the alarm for 6:30, and I woke up, but I felt so lazy I didn't go out of the van, instead I looked at the mountains in front of us changing color by the light of the sun, then we had a breakfast in town, next to the sea. Having a full belly, we started to walk. As in New Zealand we would love to walk more, one day hikes are great and we would love to do maybe a 2 or 3 days hike somewhere more South. Let's start with a 5h hike called "Round the mountain", almost every tramp here starts in Akaroa and finishes as well. The first 2 hours were constantly going up, some parts very steep, but the weather was perfect, cloudy enough to not let the sun burn out skin, but warm enough. It was wonderful walk through the bushes and Autumn forest, green tones are everywhere here, and the view on our back the higher the better. We summit the highest point in about 2h 30min, this was behind the mountains in which we could see a different bay, mesmerizing view we stop for a snack. After that we continue towards Akaroa, and this part wasn't easier despite going downhill, knees were suffering from that, and surprisingly it was very steep as well, anyway the view heals every pain. We arrived back in Akaroa about 15:30 ready for a late and quick lunch. And then we drove all the way to Okains Bay for the overnight camping. The drive was spectacular as well, can't believe this peninsula was formed from a volcano eruption and how incredible beautiful it is. Once we arrived at the campsite we were exhausted, so no editing or working, watching Netflix instead, but we fall asleep.
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