Christchurch, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Okains Bay - Pigeon Bay - Port Levy - Diamond Harbour - Christchurch New Zealand, travel day 104 Went to sleep raining, and woke up raining, so even though my alarm was for sunrise there was no sun visible. So with calm we had breakfast and get ready for the day. Instead of walking today we were driving most of it, however I must admit, driving through this winding roads doesn't get me tired, on the other hand I feel the need to stop every ten minutes, the view is constantly mesmerizing. Our first stop was at Little Akaloa, followed by Pigeon Bay, in which I decided to take the drone out, it was raining, but it seemed it wasn't going to stop the whole day, so I gave it a try and no issues, the bird view doesn't disappoint either. We kept going until Port Levy, where we stopped for lunch, the view to the pier and the small island full of trees was the perfect scenery for the moment. After lunch we realised we stopped to much and we had to keep cruising, the weather didn't invite for more, more rain was coming and every time we got out of the van we got wet. Finally we arrived at the Christchurch where we did some groceries and bought some other basics and headed to the campsite for the night and for laundry, we were running out of clean clothes 😬
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