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Christchurch - Kaikoura New Zealand, travel day 105 Such a rainy night, I could hear the drops hitting the van roof, and when I woke up I saw we were surrounded by mud puddles, luckily the van had no issues. I did wake up early however the day was totally foggy and our plan had to change. So we took it easy for breakfast, shower and hit the road, first the pier in New Brighton, surprisingly there were some surfers, amazed by them, the water was pretty cold! Continuing the road towards Kaikoura we stopped a few times, wine yards, mountains and rivers made this scenic route unbelievable, and thanks we had that. The road is very much in construction and the second half we had to stop every 10 min for construction work. Finally we made it to Kaikoura, just before lunch. Here we asked for our initial plan, to climb Mt Fyffe, soon we realised the weather sucks, it's rainy, foggy and the prediction says there will be strong winds from the Antarctic, as you can imagine perfect condition for climbing a mountain, so we cancel. Instead we did the peninsula walk, about 3h around Kaikoura peninsula. Although it was windy and cold it didn't rain, so the walk was very pleasant and we got to see the seals. We finished the hike in the dark and that was the time to go to bed, so we took the van, drove for 15 min and camped for the night.
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