Kaikoura, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Kaikoura New Zealand, travel day 106 This campsite was great for the night, morning didn't change much, cloudy and foggy, we has breakfast and drove to Kaikoura, straight we went to see the seals, the tide was low so we could walk very close the colony and see some of them very grumpy at us. Whole seeing the seals the whole mountain range north Kaikoura showed us a glimpse of how it is! Can't wait to see these mountains on a clear day. After the walk in the morning we headed to the library and there we stay for about 3h working, I finalized the footage from Australia and sent it to the guys at Cruisin', and edited more a more pictures! So much content! 😀 It was already 3pm and we had to lunch, so we went to the van and cook some delicious pasta. Then we met Alberto and Eleni a couple of friends from Amsterdam that by chance they came to New Zealand. We had a beer a talk with some great news for them! And headed out for dinner. I didn't take any picture in the evening, but even if I wanted it would have been very challenging we had non stop rain since lunch time, so it was a great time to catch up with friends.
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