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Kaikoura - Methven New Zealand, travel day 107 We woke up early 6:05 to go and see the whales but they canceled due to rough weather. They moved us to 1:15 pm. Then we went for breakfast and back to the seals colony, this time with our friends. And not only the seals, we also saw the whole mountain range without clouds! Quite impressive! So happy to have seen it! Then we walked a bit around the peninsula staring at the mesmerizing view. Before going to lunch I stopped by the library to do some work and the guys stay walking. I finish late and I was kind of stressed cause of the departure time of the whales watching so we bought the original fish and chips, and in the end we had plenty of time because the whales watching company canceled the trip again, rough conditions. I was very sad to hear because we came all the way here to see whales and we leave not seeing them, sad and disappointed at the same time but as I said before, when it comes to mother nature we are never in charge. As our plan has been altered the last 3 days we just decided to leave Kaikoura and drive south. The drive was amazing, we took the inland scenic route and that was a great decision, driving through these winding roads it's a joy, at the end we arrived at Methven but it was dark so we went to bed.
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