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Methven - Rakaia Gorge River - Mount Sunday - Lake Clearwater New Zealand, travel day 108 We woke up early although I wasted much of my time looking at social media and I hated myself, so I call mum and go towards the Rakaia River for a walk, it was cloudy when I woke up and that also made me very lazy. Anyway we went to the river and light was good, perfect for a walk. The hike was not long l, about 30 min one way, fantastic to see the strong currents of the glacial river and the thick forest with autumn colors, I wish I could do this kind of walks every day in life. After a bit longer than an hour we headed back to the campsite, had breakfast while enjoying the sun and then a bit of work, it was a very productive morning. Once Clara had finished her stuff we had lunch and headed to the information site to get some insights about the area, and the lady was so kind and helpful she gave us even more places we didn't know to visit! Then we drove for about 1h 30 min towards mount Sunday, this was a bit dirty road but we got there. We arrived a bit late though and we also had to cross a small creek, it took us sometime to find the right place and we didn't find it, but then Clara suggested to get barefoot, that was awesome! But it was freezing cold! After crossing the sun was going down the mountains and it was such a remarkable moment, surrounded by snow capped peaks with puddles to play with reflections, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, feeling totally blessed! Love this so much! Can't recommend enough to get out! While taken pictures light was getting dimmed down, and the orange of the sun lighting those snow capped peaks, a dream moment! We finally left against all my will but I knew there was more photo opportunities ahead. In fact as soon as we arrived to the campsite I did some first Milky Way with the van, so many stars in here. Then I headed to the lake Clearwater and boom! Stars reflections! Couldn't believe this was happening, but there was more to come! The moon was rising at 7:15 pm and that moment light hit snowed peaks with the orange color I love so much, but this time with the stars! From what I saw today, in love with New Zealand!
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