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Lake Clearwater - Mt Sunday - Fairlie - Lake Tekapo New Zealand, travel day 109 Today was one of those days that even Clara said "I'm glad you brought me here so early", and let me tell you. We woke up rather early, 6:00 but I kinda knew it was going to be a great sunrise, we started driving towards Mount Sunday at dark, slowly the sky was getting lighted bybthe sun until that light became orange as fire, then the show started, the whole mountain range became orange on the peaks as light candles. Unbelievable what we saw, on one hand the mountain range it's spectacular, on the other the early morning light show was remarkable. Totally mind blown we continue towards Mt Sunday summit easy walk of about 1h return, the hike is very pleasant and the view totally worthy. On top of that this is the place where Rohan from Lord of the Rings was filmed. On our way back we stopped at Lake Clearwater for a quick breakfast and then hit the road towards Fairlie where we were told they make the best pies of New Zealand, we tried them and yes! Oh my! Delicious homemade pies! We had two each! Kept going through the Scenic route 79, the name says it all, such a beautiful road, especially arriving at Lake Tekapo where the whole mountain range of the southern Alps unveil. The lake itself it's another of those marvelous places, although this one comes with hundreds of Chinese people around, never seen so many before. Sunset at the lake was great too but I was already thinking about the night, Tekapo is also a stargazing reserve so I prepared for that. 7 pm went to the well known church and I found myself surrounded by another 50 photographers, that was a surprise though we were all taking the same shot, the church with the Milky Way, I admit it's a superb spot. After that capture some shots of the mountains and headed back to the van to do some work.
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