Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Lake Tekapo - Mt John - Lake Alexandria - Aoraki / Mt Cook Village - White Horse Hill Campsite New Zealand, travel day 110 Sunrises in New Zealand are not to be missed, so we went out for sunrise again, we thought of climb Mt John but it was too long and we were a bit late so instead we walked around the Lake Tekapo and enjoy the morning light show. After that walk, breakfast and shower we then went up to Mt John with the van this time, the road and the view was breathtaking the valley doesn't cease to amaze me. Here on top we walked around admiring the landscape. We ended up two hours later almost at lunch time so then we headed back to the lake for lunch. In the afternoon we drove towards Lake Pukaki we were supposed to do night there, but we arrived earlier so we continue towards Aoraki Mount Cook Village for the overnight. The road next to the lake it's by far one of the most amazing roads I've driven in, the sunset light was gorgeous and we were driving for about 45min with Mt Cook in front of us all the time, not only that we had the amazing turquoise water color and the whole valley to see, priceless to do this route. One we arrived at the village we checked information point but it was closed so we went to the camp for the night where I took some more time capturing some stars, and it was certainly one of the clearest skies I have ever seen.
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