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White Horse Hill Campsite - Hooker Valley - Hooker Lake - Tasman Lake - White Horse Hill Campsite New Zealand, travel day 111 Waking up with the light show is the way I like to wake up, although we were just at the campsite the view of Mt Cook and surrounding was just beautiful. Then we had breakfast to get enough energy for the Hooker Valley Walk. The day was going from ok-ish to shit in terms of weather that was said by the forecast, so we didn't stay long for breakfast and started the track towards Hooker Lake. It took us a bit longer than we thought but we stopped at every hanging bridge and spot for a picture, I knew on the way back we could have no view, no light and rain, and that happened. Ay the lake we had a coffee and as soon as Mt Cook was covered by the clouds we headed back for lunch then started rain quite heavily, good to be at the van. The Hooker Valley Walk is one of the most beautiful walks and it's fairly easy. After lunch we visit the information center to ask about Mueller Hut route for the day after, we were advised not to go, sadly safety comes first and expose ourselves to 80km/h winds and risk of avalanche with no Alpine experience are enough reason to not go. The day had another more walk the Tasman Lake and Glacier, it was short but wonderful as well, being surrounded but this mountains makes you feel small yet amazed by them. The weather though, no words. We had walked around 19km enough for the day and headed to the public shelter showers before heading to the campsite again.
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