Arthurs Point, New Zealand - Polarsteps

White Horse Hill Campsite - Sealy Tarns - Twizel - Arrowtown - Arthur's Point New Zealand, travel day 112 We didn’t bother waking up too early since it was raining when the sun was rising, however the sky colors were lit again. As soon as the rain stopped we started this hike up to the Sealy Tarns. I must say it’s a pain in the as, for real, more than 600 steps going up for about an hour, the weather didn’t help, mr Mt Cook wasn’t visible and the strong winds and rain showers made it a bit more challenging. I love it nonetheless, I believe Clara did too, as soon as we reached the top, exhausted both, she said “we should do this more often” which it my surprise was amazing to hear. Going back was even faster, I didn’t really wanted to get the camera wet so we went down non stop, that made the journey 2h in total, when usually is about 3h. Sadly we had to leave Aoraki / Mt Cook area although we couldn’t see much of the mountain range I would love to come back and explore longer walks, like Mueller Hut. On our way back, the initial idea was to stop at Wanaka, but seeing the forecast for the coming days we decided to continue to Queenstown, longer driven, but at least we could have a proper camping with Internet connection for some work. Along the road we stopped several times for viewpoints and pictures, and in particular I love the Lindis Mountain Pass, winding scenic road that gonna make it to the top 10 beautiful roads in New Zealand. Arriving in Arthurs Point camping we checked in and had delicious salmon sashimi for dinner.
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