Te Anau, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Arthur's Point - Queenstown - Kingston - Te Anau New Zealand, travel day 114 Dunno why I haven't had much inspiration the past two days, I also got pretty stressed about all the work I had to do, but once I look around and I see where I am pretty much every worry of mine is gone. The day went very smooth although we didn't see nothing spectacular, once Clara finished her work call we started driving towards the south. On the way we stopped at Kingston for lunch, it's also the end of Lake Wakatipu. The wind was the strongest I have experience while driving, our van doesn't help either, we are 3 meters high and when the wind blows the hard way we really feel it so we drove much more carefully and slow. Once we passed the lake, grass fields with cows and sheep was our scenery, heavy rains were also present during more than an hour drive. Safely we made it to Te Anau and checked the information point for road conditions and open and safe tracks. After that we pretty much enjoyed our bday day having dinner outside.
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