Milford Sound, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Te Anau - Fiorland National Park - Milford Sound New Zealand, travel day 115 As usual we woke up early but I didn't feel ok and we didn't go anywhere for sunrise. We stayed at the campsite and finish all the work needed to be finished. That was until Clara ended her health couch training call, exactly at 1:30 pm, then we had a quick lunch and started driving towards Milford Sound. That was about 2h through lush forest and spectacular valleys created by the glacier times. Stopping here and there we made it to the lodge for the night just in time for the sunset. When I say sunset, I mean whatever light we have left below all these clouds above us. The last light was breathtaking braking into the Fiord, and as I had seen already I was looking for those puddles reflections of the peaks around. These reflections were quite challenging as the level of the water was very much changing high or up but I managed to get some nice looking long exposures. I wanted to go back for the night and capture Milky Way, but there wasn't any open whole in the clouds unfortunately.
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