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Milford Sound - Fiorland National Park - Moke Lake New Zealand, travel day 116 The day started raining, nothing new if you look the weather of the last few days, this was a bit frustrating to me but there's nothing we can do. Straight after breakfast we did the cruise over the Milford Sound, and I have to say that was quite spectacular no matter the rain. I've seen million pictures of this place, none of them really gave me the perspective of how big it is, certainly wonderful I already knew about but it really surpassed my expectations, I can say pictures don't do justice. After the ferry we had purchased an underwater discovery experience, at first I thought it was like an aquarium but once we got the there and the explanation of the guide we were really happy to have included in our tour. Just as an idea the fiord develop unique conditions of 40 deep by just going down 10 meters. So coral and marine life at 10 meters deep is similar to what you'll find diving at 40 meters in the ocean, and that's because of the layer of freshwater on top of the salt water, kinda difficult to explain here but if you have any questions ask me. Concluded the tour we had lunch at the van while heavily raining outside, so we changed planes and started driving out of Fiorland since the forecast didn't get any better for the day after. On the way back we stopped here and there until dark, and then we continue driving another 2h towards Moke Lake in Queenstown. I was expecting a clear sky and Milky Way and I got that but it was quite challenging to find a proper angle since we arrived by night, without finding the composition I liked and freezing cold outside I decided to go to sleep.
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