Arthurs Point, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Moke Lake - Mt Crichton Loop Track - Glenorchy-Queenstown Road - Arthurs Point New Zealand, travel day 117 I did wake up early for the sunrise lake reflections, I had seen many pictures of this place with spectacular light, however I just got the spectacular place, not the light, and it was a bit rainy, I hadn’t had the best days lately but it’s ok, do what you can they say. After a morning stroll around the lake we had breakfast, the view it’s truly amazing and this lake as well, surrounded by the mountains it’s always great and tranquil. Once we finished eating we drove towards the Mt Crichton track, there we walked for about 2h 30min, it was a great track and it felt really good to walk for over 10k, I was expecting better view however walking through the forest is always good. The weather was turning even worse and I tried the road to Glenorchy, it’s one of those scenic ones they have here in New Zealand, breathtaking as no other, but the clouds were coming on to us and we decided to turn back, have lunch next to the lake and then headed to Queenstown. In Queenstown we check weather conditions for the day after, bought some basics and headed to the campsite, it was heavily raining again, let’s hope tomorrow gets better.
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