Wanaka, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Lake Hayes - Arrowtown - Lake Wanaka New Zealand, travel day 119 After yesterday's walk and late arrival from watching the stars we had an slow start of the day, I call mum, breakfast, prepared the van and hit the road, it was about 11am, but I wasn't worried to much. The first stop was at Lake Hayes, yet another stunning lake with amazing autumn trees around, we didn't stay much and kept driving. Stopped at Arrowtown, this small village it's like a postcard scenery, the color of the trees are insanely vibrant and the town offers old buildings form gold miners. After a walk around town we headed towards Wanaka, we drove this other scenic road, truth is every road is scenic in New Zealand. Once we arrived at Wanaka we walked around the lake, it was cold, but the lake it's breathtaking, views towards the southern Alps and more in particular Mt Aspiring. To end the day we visited #thatwanakatree, I must admit it's a wonderful tree with that background, but we were about 30 photographers fighting for a spot to setup the tripod, funny moments. After the sunset we didn't so much but to go to the campsite and prepare for the day after.
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