Wanaka, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Roys Peak - Glendhu Bay - Diamond Lake - Rocky Hill Track New Zealand, travel day 120 Waking up at 4:15 am isn't that nice and less glamorous if I tell you we were gonna hike up to Roys Peak. Well to me that sounds very glamorous and very challenging, nor gonna lie here waking up that early isn't that pleasant. Anyway, we started the hike at 5:20, it was dark and cold, we had head lamps and plenty of clothes. No more than 20 min we stopped to get rid of the first layer, I'm glad it was dark and we couldn't see how steep was, but our bodies were sweating. Great pace we had, non stop until an hour later, this time for a snack bar and water, we could already see more light and some awesome orange color in the horizon. Going up for another hour when it was almost sunrise we stopped to admire the view, we are both happy we made it for sunrise, and personally I'm double happy to see that below us there's a clouds blanket which is spectacular from above but I guess sucks from down below. 30 min more and I find the spot, its also the right time, I set the tripod, Clara arrives 5 min later and we enjoy the panoramic view, I don't know how many pictures I took, but I couldn't stop, the clouds, the lake islands, the whole mountain range with snow capped peaks, what fairly tale. The time passed quickly and have had a coffee and a couple of muesli bars, then we continue to the summit, just 10 min after. The view here doesn't get better in my opinion but you can see some mountains that we didn't see before. At the summit we stay as long as these paragliding guys started to flight, and I was jealous of them, first they amazed me how smooth they flew, second it only takes 3 min to get down, it took us another 2h 30min instead. As you can imagine we are exhausted once we arrived at the van and we just want food, so we had that. And after lunch we decided to walk a bit more around the rocky peak, I loved it cause the views here are breathtaking. Sorry about the long text, but it was an amazing day!
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