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Wanaka - Isthmus Peak New Zealand, travel day 121 The kind of day we did just one thing, climb Isthmus Peak. Certainly we woke tired from 27km walk of yesterday so the morning was slower than usual. We extended that rhythm until 1:30pm, and then we started driving towards the track start point. At 2:20pm we started the hike. At first it looked like and easy one, at least easier than yesterday's Roys Peak. However no more than 30 min after we commenced the steep part. Zigzag area very steep with stunning views over Lake Hãwea, we didn't see any water though just low clouds which is stunning. At this point Clara asked me how long we still had to go, and that was the point where I realized our legs are tires and this peak isn't that easy. I know most of the times is in your head, but this peak was a rough one in the sense. Going up further I felt like this hike was endless, every other turned I hoped to see Lake Wanaka, but that didn't happen till the far end, a bit demotivating. Once we reached the top I was the happiest person, a great accomplishment especially after the long hard walk going up. At summit was cold and the light was fading over the horizon, amazing sky colors in one side, tremendous beautiful mountains on the other. Both lakes, Wanaka and Hãwea were visible, not the water but the clouds and that really amazes me. The blanket of clouds over the water. As soon as the good light was off we started heading down, and that felt a bit shorter, we arrived at the van quite late though. Not much after as you can imagine, back to the camping, shower, dinner and sleep like a baby.
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