Whataroa, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Makarora - Blue Pools - Haast Pass - Fox Glacier New Zealand, travel day 123 We woke early to and I wanted to get the drone high up to see glacier rivers again. Light show was great, and we had what I believe Mt Albert just in front. Driving the van through unsealed road until a a small creek stopped us, and that was awesome because I got a really good reflections, after a bit it was time to get the drone up. It was freezing cold and my hands were in pain, but I had to continue, the view was getting better and better, but battery was decreasing rapidly due to cold so time to head back. After that we had breakfast and continue towards the west coast, obligatory stop at the Blue Pools where the water it's simply mesmerizing, such an awesome spot. We tried to continue walking towards the Young river month but at certain point there was a creek big enough to not let us cross, so back to the van. The drive until Haast Pass was stunning, surrounded by mountains and rivers really cool, however as soon as we went through the pass, cloudy skies and rain accompanied us the rest of the day. A bit demotivating to see how the weather had developed the last few days, rain in particular. We continue onto Fox Glacier and stopped for the night. Nothing much we could do since it was non stop rain the rest of the evening.
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