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Fox Glacier - Lake Matheson - Fox Glacier Valley Walk - Franz Josef Glacier Walk New Zealand, travel day 124 Not gonna lie here, but after a few days of shitty weather when I woke up for sunrise, run to the lake Matheson and found up that there were no mountains, just clouds and it was raining again, I got pretty frustrated. Didn't want to accept the situation and run away from the glacier area, thanks Clara kept us there. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, it has been horrible in terms of weather for at least the past four days, just rain rain and rain, but I guess that's why the have a rain forest here in the west coast. Anyway after breakfast we walk around the Foz Glacier Valley, it's one of those glaciers I love, however it's shocking to see how this one is retreating the last years, we couldn't see much but this valley looks amazing. After that we headed to Franz Josef Glacier, here we has lunch and walk the valley too, we had more rain and thick clouds, visibility was bad, but I have to admit this must be a gorgeous glacier coming down the valley. Since our day wasn't that great we ended up in the supermarket buying some sweets, and going to the camping to eat them.
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