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Lake Kaniere - Hokitika - Greymouth - Monteith's Brewery New Zealand, travel day 126 That was a raining night, drops hitting the van roof woke me up several times, so about sunrise time I decided to go out and explore the lake, well that turned out not to be a good idea, more rain got me totally wet and running I went back to the van. Here we started breakfast and get ready to head back to the Hokitika river, I kinda wanted to fly the drone around the incredibly colourful river, that was an adventure. First we hit some of the most intense rain storm almost made us stop the van, once we passed the storm and reached the area we took a road that a certain point we had to crossed a river, so we parked and continue walking. A few km after we on foot we found a creek, broken unsafe bridge the signs suggested to cross on foot, ankle height we didn’t do, so yes, epic fail. After that we went back to Hokitika for, remember?, that delicious fish and chips and as soon as we finished we continue towards Greymouth. Non stop rain accompanied us until the camping. But we had a window frame where we decided to walk along the black sand beach, that was beautiful until we hit the storm again, heave winds, rain and sand literally pushed us from the beach towards the van. Since the day didn’t really let us enjoy the outdoors we headed towards the Monteith's Brewery, we enjoy a dry and warm place while tasting a few local beers, I guess it was the best we could do with this weather.
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