Kumara, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Greymouth South Beach - Greymouth - Arthur's pass - Bealey Hotel New Zealand, travel day 127 So, what did we do today? I woke up for sunrise to discover it was raining and cloudy, nothing new in the west coast. But after breakfast cleared up and we want to the beach, walk around fly the drone, run a bit. Until we headed back to the van, Clara had an appointment for the dentist, and we discovered the van keys had fallen off a pocket and of course they had fallen in the right place, on top of thousands of small stones, grey color, shining with the rain, and we are not sure where exactly. As you can imagine we both kinda freaked out. So we look around but nothing we find, I looked at the videos drones to see if they had fallen from Clara's pocket, but I see nothing, then I join Clara to look around, I think it was about an hour looking for the keys. Until I gave up and I thought it would be impossible, the ocean tide was coming up, maybe has washed out the keys or they just simply impossible to find in this beach, I was scared about the consequences but we had to go through them. And then! Whalaa! I found them! I have no idea how and we could be happier. In the meantime I found out a lot of trash around the beach and I could not let that be there, so I got a bag and tried to take as much as I found, quite surprised after that hour search how much we found. Our day plan has changed in an hour, Clara had postpone her dentist appointment until 15:00 so we just roam around the city until lunch and then I drop her off at the dentist. There it goes another hour until we start driving towards Arthur's pass. The road once again is amazing, it's kinda late and light is good, but it last a few minutes, then the night, it was the clearest sky but I could take some stars pictures, and thanks to the moon I had the mountains lighted up. It was cold and dark so we decided to continue the road until this Bealey Hotel for the night. Here we can park for free and all reviews say the food is amazing. We tried it! Oh boy! That burger was delicious! After dinner go to the van, get pijama clothes and sleep. Alarm is set at 4:20 for this 6h return hike for sunrise.
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