Motueka, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Westport - Marahau New Zealand, travel day 131 Finally a gorgeous weather day! But we had to drive for quite a bit. After all morning preparations, we hit the road towards Abel Tasman National Park. I did the whole driving because I loved it, I have said before driving bores me, and it does when I have to go through highways and the road it's simply straight. Now, 5h driving in here it's a completely different world, I'm always totally mind blown, wicked roads, snake curves, rainforest, infinite rivers, waterfalls, snow caped peaks, autumn colors, mesmerizing green fields and on and on. Not only that, it also clears my mind, in multiple occasions while driving I got into that mind blank state, nothing I was thinking about, I've never done meditation, but I think I get similar results. Seriously whenever someone says New Zealand South island will blow you mind, they can't be wrong. On our way we stopped at multiple places, dunno remember the names, but those are the ones in the pictures. In the late afternoon we arrived at Marahau where we checked in at the camping and see options for tomorrow.
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