Masterton, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Owhiro Bay (Wellington) - Wellington - Castlepoint New Zealand, travel day 133 After all the fuzz last night of where to sleep, we slept there anyway, it was a rainy night and just about the time we were leaving the rangers came to tell us that the area we were staying wasn't a camping, we knew that right? Anyway, friendly of her didn't say much and we left onto Wellington. Parked somewhere near the city and walked around. First the Sunday Market, really nice local market and foods of every country, it was raining so we headed a few steps further to the Te Papa museum. I have to say it was cool to see how NZ has evolved from the Maori until today, much land has been humanize, or destroyed in some senses but there are quite a few virtually untouched areas, we also saw a documentary that surprised me in a good way about the people who are trying to protect the land today, very inspiring. A couple of hours went through and the rain as well so we headed back to the market for lunch, we tried a few bites here and there, from Chilean empanadas to Chinese pork belly wrap, truly delicious! In the afternoon we take the cable car, walked around the botanical garden, Cuba street and ended up at Mount Victoria for sunset, here it was freezing cold so we didn't last long and kept going. A couple of hours driving towards Castlepoint, wicked road in the pitch dark, but we made it and I called mum. Then I went out to capture the beautiful lighthouse, no long than an hour cause a couple of storms took me there and I got wasted wet.
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