Stratford, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Castlepoint - Stratford New Zealand, travel day 134 The routine you already know right?, well let me tell you how today started. Alarms rings an hour before sunrise, that allows me to wake up at my pace, remember I hate to wake up early. As soon as I'm able to open my eyes check the weather through window van. So today, as every other day for the past two weeks, it was raining and cloudy, so I turned the other side and try to sleep again, I couldn't so we just wasted our time in the van. Then I saw the good light and I got our running, it was still very windy but the sun showed up, visited the lighthouse and walked around the beach, after that we hit the road for the rest of the day, and honestly there isn't much to say, we drove for about 5 hours and 4 of them was raining, so we stopped for lunch and nothing else. Once we arrived at Stratford, we straight away headed to the information center, here we checked weather conditions for Mt Taranaki and it was horrible for today and tomorrow so we altered the plan again. After that found a nice camping and enjoy the rest of the evening.
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