Eltham, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Lake Mangamahoe - Plymouth - Pouakai Hut Track - Lake Rotokare New Zealand, travel day 136 When New Zealand decides to show off, there is no other country like it, I feel really privilege to see this country in its best weather conditions when it's almost Winter in here. Last night was spectacular, made a timelapse of the stars while the moon was lighting Mt Taranaki, and I woke up this morning with breathtaking light conditions, purple skies and orange tones at the mountain, can't ask for more. Once the whole morning light show ended we had our morning doses of food and headed to Plymouth to work a little, Clara had the weekly call, and I submitted a few pictures to the 2018 NatGeo Travel Photography contest. Once she finished the call we did what we had in mind, going up to the Puoakai Tarn, easy walk through human made track and incredibly wonderful lush forest. About 1h 30 min later we got to see the first glympse of Taranaki, so majestic, so beautiful, a boost of energy to keep going. A few minutes later we arrived to the hut and views were stunning, couldn't believe it! Just a bit further down the Tarn, small lake that causes incredible reflections of the mountain. However the little lake was frozen once we arrived, the whole winter conditions during the past days, no only that we had a very icy descent. But, to the important things, sunset here was surreal, best lightning conditions ever, sun hitting from side ways fading down the horizon behind the clouds and the sea, priceless. It was cold though and Clara was already nervous of going down; so we did, on the way I stopped a few more times cause this volcano it's unbelievable. Once we made it back to the van, we drove for about an hour until this scenic reserve, lake Rotokare, didn't really find a place to do another timelapse so went to bed.
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