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Whakapapa - Tama Lakes Track New Zealand, travel day 138 New Zealand, travel day 138 FIN. Didn't learn the lesson from yesterday's sunrise and once again I snoozed my alarm more than I should have, that ended me arriving at Whakapapa Skifield late, climbing up through thick snow running and get a place where I could not see Mt Ngauruhoe, nevertheless it was a great view to the mountain huts and Mt Ruapehu, and in the far distance Sir Taranaki again. I didn't last to long there since it was freezing cold and we went back to the camping for breakfast, once we finished we drove down to the village to check the guiding tour for tomorrow's Tongariro Alpine Crossing, I'm really looking forward to this day hike, although I have the feeling we wouldn't need a guide but just crampons. In the afternoon we walked all the way up to Tama Lakes, very easy, not steep walk through the tussland, and after 2h 30min we made it to the top, the view if both lakes and Mt Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu was breathtaking, half of the lakes water were frozen, we stayed there until the sunset and then we started moving down. On the way back we stopped for a few pictures until the Taranaki falls that we missed on our way up. It was a gorgeous spot also for some night pictures and I did take a few until Clara stopped speaking, I couldn't see here face since we were in pitch dark, but it felt something was wrong, it turned out I had already stay to long and she was so mad at me she didn't wanna share a word, minutes after I heard all her speech about me going extra mile and having here freezing in the cold like if this was Antarctica, I got the point and we headed back to the camp as fast as possible. Today was clearly my turn for making dinner, setting up the table, washing the dishes and everything else, I believe is the price I have to pay for a couple extra pictures.
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