Rotorua, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Lake Taupo - Huka Falls - Kerosene Creek - Rotorua New Zealand, travel day 140 We knew this weather was coming, winds from the east were arriving to the north island and we noticed that since last night. Rain showers and no sunrise we're our breakfast. We continue with our plan and pass through Taupo, then Huka Falls, which were really crowded but a surprise to both of us, insane water power coming through, and amazing turquoise water color. Then the rain started to be more consistent, nothing to stop us yet, visited a few mud thermal pools, a creek with warm water in which you could have a bath, and finally Rotorua. In the village the rain turned out into heavy so we had to altered our plan, mostly outdoors we couldn't do much, so after a quick walk around we decided to enjoy the area thermal waters at the Polinesian Spa, that was in the evening and even though rain didn't stop we really enjoyed the few drops falling down while bathing our bodies in the 36 to 42 degrees Celsius waters. After a couple of hours deep in the water we were totally ready for the night sleep.
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