Whitianga, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Rotorua - Mclaren Falls - Owharoa Falls - Hot Water Beach New Zealand, travel day 141 After last night relaxation I had an extra hour sleep, and I didn't wake up so well. Anyway rain non stop all night long and morning, at this point we don't have much time and options to change our route, the end of the trip is approaching and we have a few places left to visit. Truth is we will probably leave some others for next time. Driving to the Coromandel peninsula and stopping by Waterfalls. First Omanawa, but it turned out to be close for some incident past month, then onto Mclaren, a really nice park but small waterfall, beautiful nonetheless. More driving meant more rain, and the last waterfall of the day got us soaked in water, and I was outside for about 5 min. Disappointed with the weather we ate lunch and continue until Hot Water Beach. I had heard and seen this place hundreds of times, but I have to admit it really surprised me when I saw all that bunch of people digging wholes at the beach getting warm and hot water coming out. We didn't have a shovel but first Clara headed to the shore and got a nice spot for our feet, warm water coming from the ground, while cold ocean waves hitting us ankle height, really cool. Then I found a small hole where I could dig with my hands and get really hot water, that was mind blowing, so we spend about half an hour admiring how outstanding nature can be at any time. Once we got enough of the hot water and having had a shower from the rain, we headed to the camping for a real shower.
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