New Lynn, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Cape Reinga - Piha New Zealand, travel day 144 In a couple of days the All Blacks, New Zealand National Rugby team, will play against France, we are not going but I think they were here last night next to our van. Half of them were shaking our van like a real training, and the other half were throwing buckets of water on my side, no jokes I couldn’t believe it was so windy and rainy all night long, and I don’t remember these winds since I was in Patagonia, so I think the national rugby team were training here. After that shaky night we woke up and started to get ready for what it was going to be the last driving day, but a long one. The van noise from last night seemed to have disappeared and thanks god! Driving driving driving, not much at all, several stops on the way made us eat fish and chips again, such a delicious dish. Once we arrived at Piha it was dark, we didn’t have much energy but to cook some dinner so we did and then straight to bed, tomorrow I want to wake up rather early for the last sunrise.
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