Auckland, New Zealand - Polarsteps

Auckland New Zealand, travel day 146 I did wake up early but I didn’t go out or anything, instead I just stayed home and continue editing the work from the past week since I didn’t do much. We stayed almost until lunch time and then headed out for a walk. The area we visited was quite cool, very modern and laid back, we eat a couple of delicious crepes and continue towards the Mt Eden. In this walk we talked about many things, but the most important to me was, how inspiring and open mind has been this trip, we have plenty of ideas for whats coming next and that makes it super exciting and scary at the same time. Nevertheless we arrived at Mt Eden and even though I expected more the view was stunning, there were a few people but not too crowded. There we stayed until almost dark, it was a gorgeous sunset, and then we walked back for about an hour.
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