Les Houches, France - Polarsteps

Chamonix - Merlet - Aiguillette des Houches Seems we all were very tired from yesterday we didn’t wake up early, instead stayed home, myself working on all the pictures and route for the afternoon. We also visited the supermarket and bought some dinner for the trail. Around 17:30 we drove to the viewpoint from last night in Merlet, there we started the hike, it didn’t seem too steep, however soon turned out to be the steepest I have done in a while, on top of that the heat was more than noticeable, around 30 degrees Celsius that, thankfully we were going up through pine trees in the shadow. Soon in the trail, the views were very rewarding, Mont Blanc, Aiguille du Midi, and the glaciers were left on our back left side, almost always present in front, our summit, Aiguillette des Houches (2285m). The three of us were in shape to keep going, we actually summit a bit earlier than the estimated time, and that left us a lot of time up there to explore the area. Something I will remember for long, 360 views of the outstanding mountains all around, it actually surpassed all my expectations. On top, we had our sandwich dinner and I scouted the place around. Sunset wasn’t the best until the very end, very cloudy, which didn’t let us see the Mont Blanc Massif but we could the opposite side, we didn’t stay until dark cause an important storm was behind us and didn’t wanna get caught in it, so we started to descent before planned as well. Nevertheless, this hike was totally worthy, an unbelievable area in which the possibilities of walking are endless, I’m already thinking about a second trip in here. We arrived back at the apartment around midnight, just in time for a shower and bed, I personally was very tired at the end.
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