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Chamonix - Glacier d’ Argentiere - Grands Montets - Tre-le-Champ - Lac Blanc After waking up at a slow pace we visited the Glacier d’ Argentiere in the morning, it was late, light too harsh, but the views were epic, so it was the glacier. I could never imagine there was this kind of glaciers in Europe. We walked side to the glacier until we saw it from high above, we saw people on the glacier climbing up and down and some others just walking around, after some time enjoying the view of the glacier and surrounding mountains we went back to the cabin lift and kept going up to 3200m, Grands Montets, we could have never reached this point walking and even though I think it’s expensive to get the cabin up, it was totally worthy, the view was stunning, many people climbing around and the most beautiful for me, the view of the Glacier, simply mind blown. After that we went for a quick lunch at the supermarket, the plan was to take another cabin to go up to Lac Blanc, a well-known spot for stunning reflections of the Mont Blanc Massif, however, I was told by some travelers the lake was still frozen, so I had no much hope. Finding a different trail I found one that I didn’t need a lift, instead, I drove up to Tre-le-Champ, park the car, and start walking, this was a better choice since I could also start walking a bit later. The trail itself was the best of all I’ve done in the area, the views were so good, so motivating that made the ascent easier. Left behind the village of Le Tour in that green valley, so wonderful, on the left side a couple of glaciers and far in front the Mont Blanc and the rest of the massif. I couldn’t help myself but capture the landscape, I was constantly amazed by what I was seeing. Kept going until the first of the lakes, Lacs de Cheserys, not just one, but many, some other puddles where I could find some great reflections. Didn’t wait much and kept going all the way up to Lac Blanc, the forecast predicted an important storm coming before sunset, however, there was a delay on that so I could enjoy the moment once I arrived at Lac Blanc. In this lake, partly frozen, I scouted the place until I find the spot where I could find those reflections I was looking for, the light wasn’t the best, storm approaching behind left me very soft shadows in front. Since I was alone in this hike I play myself the role of a model and the photographer, funny to play around the lake and finding the right place to stand. I also had my sandwich for dinner until it was almost dark, time to head back. On the way down the storm caught me, and I got soaked in the rain, but who cared after what I had seen! The whole trail was simply outstanding, and finding those reflections at Lac Blanc just simply showed me the beauty of nature. During the descent I found some traffic too, some people that were doing a photo shoot up the mountain were coming down packed with gear and kinda slow, I was with them for a bit, but then I decided to squish in and get faster, until I found myself running down, quite like a trail runner. Safely, but in muscle pain, I made it back to the car, 15 min drive later I was at the apartment.
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