Saint-Denis, France - Polarsteps

Madrid - Paris - Saint-Denis Reunion Day 1 Even though we had few hopes for an ok flight to Reunion, we enjoyed a decent plane, good food, and some sleep. 11h Paris to Reunion in which I could read, watch a couple episodes and finally sleep from time to time, the truth is when I finally woke up crew just started serving breakfast. We landed on time, got the luggage and headed to the city center of Saint-Denis. Soon we realized Sundays are kind of a holy day, everything is closed, Tourist information center included. With no many options, we headed to the coastline walkway and had a beer, such a great moment. After that, we were kind of hungry and ended at Vapiano for pasta, from every other choice we had, this place was the most reasonable price for us. From what we have seen so far this island is expensive, at least food, we will see in the coming days. Lunch took some time, the great thing was our apartment was ready so we went to have a shower! Finally! In the early evening, our mood was chilling down, maybe not having slept much helped. We found a couple of local bars at the shore in which beer and food are way cheaper, on our budget. Here we drink and eat. Straight after we hit the bed.
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