Salazie, France - Polarsteps

Saint-Denis - Saint-André - Hell Bourg - Le Grand Sable Reunion Day 2 6 am we get up and prepare for the day. 7:30 am we take the first bus towards Saint-André, bus goes smoothly. Arrived on time and walked to Intersport, a store we believe can provide us with the camping gas bottle, soon we realized they don't have but the guys next to do. They guys next to, do have but doesn't work for us, a bit frustrated we got back to the station and wait for the second bus This one to Hell-Bourg, similar bus, goes as smooth as the first. The scenery though started to change, an amazing canyon in the mountains, totally green and full of waterfalls, so many, so beautiful! Once we arrived we try to find gas, but fail, we bought a bottle we thought it'd work but it didn't, the decision is made, we continue without a stove, no warm food, which is a bit shitty. 1:30 pm, after lunch, started to hike, we take a secondary route to see a waterfall, we ended up knee deep into the rainforest. It seemed no one has passed through this route in ages, that was cool, sometimes scary. That made us walk slower than expected and ended up sleeping in the middle of the forest where we could find a spot for the tent, it was late and dark, next to the river, we dined bread and sliced meat, not bad at all though.
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