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Le Grand Sable - Col de Fourche - La Nouvelle Reunion Day 3 Same time as yesterday, 6 am, get ready and start the hike, sleeping hasn't been too bad, we all seem to have rested good enough. The first part of today's hike was great, not to difficult, the second part towards the Col de Fourche, 1946 m, was one of the toughest hikes in a long time, a vertical wall (technically a vertical km) with 20kg on my backpack wasn't pleasant. We stopped by several creeks and I had a bath at one of them, that was refreshing. Reached Col de Fourche, felt so good in there, so we had lunch. Ideally, the view would be stunning from the top, the whole Cirque de Mafate would be seen, for us, the clouds. The clouds rolled in, and that seemed to be a common thing in the island, open skies at sunrise, clouds from the rainforest are formed at midday, so sunsets are not an option. Soon we were getting cold and we continue the descent to La Nouvelle. Our legs were tired and even though we went at a good pace we felt it, therefore we stop a few more times. Finally, we arrive at La Nouvelle and enjoy the afternoon with a beer like I said before sunsets are non-existing here.
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