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La Nouvelle - Trois Roches Fall - Marla - Col du Taibit Reunion Day 4 Woke up for sunrise, really enjoyed it, walked around looking for the best views, such a beautiful valley. After breakfast we started the day, a bit later than yesterday and went to the Trois Roches Falls, this place is impressive, it's scary too, a waterfall we couldn't see the bottom and I would say more than 50meter drop, such an awesome canyon. After some time there we started the ascension to Marla, the toughest part the trek, quite steep up and the sun was really strong. Arrived at Marla and had lunch, and a refreshing beer, here we discussed what to do next and decided to continue to Col du Taibit (2000m above sea level). The ascension was difficult as well, on top of that, clouds were again on top of us, so no sunset, even though I saw a few sun rays breaking in, in the end totally foggy sunset I had to imagine mountains around. So with no sun we prepared dinner, enjoy the night spot and went to bed, we will hike back to the Col du Taibit for sunrise.
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