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Col du Taibit - Îlet de Salazes - Bras Rouge - Cilaos Reunion Day 5 Today the three of us woke up at 5:30 and hike up to the mountain pass Col du Taibit for sunrise, it was fantastic, although the view was better to the Mafate Valley the sun coming behind the tallest peak in the Indian ocean, Piton de Neiges, was amazing too. After enjoying the view, get warm by the sun we walked down to get the tent and get ready for the day. The route was long and difficult, pretty much all the time going up and down, on top of that, not many clouds that could save us from the heat, so at certain point we had a bath in the river, very refreshing. Then continue onto Cilaos, last couple kilometers of very steep slope, but we made it. In here, big beautiful village, we actually changed the idea of continue hiking and rent a car, for two reasons, one of the group feels very tired, and reason two, if we continue hiking we probably can't do as much as we have in mind. We will do more hikes but probably 1 or 2 days long. After sorting all the formalities for the car and transportation to pick up the car, we just enjoyed the sunset with a BBQ at our little and colorful overnight stay. So far we've walked for 76 km, ~125000 steps and about 705 floors climbed, not bad at all.
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