Sainte-Rose, France - Polarsteps

Cilaos - Saint Pierre - Grand Bassin - Pas de Bellecombe Reunion Day 6 Once again I had the pleasure of seeing a magical sunrise, walked for 20 min to the lake in Cilaos and waited for the sun to light the rugged peaks like candles, adding to that a beautiful reflection with Creole traditional houses, such a unique moment. After that morning stroll came back to the house stopping by the boulangerie and getting a croissant and a pain au chocolat, a French delicacy. Can't ask for more when traveling. A bus took us to Saint Pierre, where we picked up the car, straight to Decathlon to purchase the gas bottle, we found it! Then we had lunch. The afternoon was planned to head to the volcano area, Piton de la Fournaise, we pass by the Grand Bassin, an impressive waterfall 700m below, probably gonna hike to that one on a later day. Kept going to the volcano, clouds had rolled in already, we tried a few viewpoints, clouds didn't roll out so we saw not much, drove until the parking lot and here we saw the sunset. I didn't really find a composition or a way to show scale in here, the whole volcano eroded area is massive, everything seems so close, yet so far in distances. At night, the game had changed, we had incredibly clear skies, milky way centered and walking around show me the beauty of this place, really stunning. Then I went to bed for the day after Piton de la Fournaise summit sunrise.
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