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Pas de Bellecombe - Piton de Bert - Saint Pierre - Grand Etang Reunion Day 7 The day started early, 3:00 am sounds the first alarm clock, we actually were quite fast and got ready at 3:30, at this point we started walking towards the summit of Piton de la Fournaise. Unfortunately, a person told us not to enter the big crater due to activity in the volcano area, and wait until more news. The news was clear, entering the volcano hiking path is forbidden for our own safety. An eruption can happen in an hour, in twelve or never, and we had about 3h to sunrise. I personally stayed out of the car, I felt something would happen, my two friends went to have a nap. Not much later the first explosion happened, a bit far from where I was, but I already was flabbergasted, running of excitement headed towards the Piton de Bert where I was told we could see more of the lava rivers. On the way, I found my friends they were also running towards the same point without knowing much. Sunrise happened along the way, we stopped for coffee, and enjoy the nature with total excitement. I couldn't believe this was happening, the night we decided to camp at the top of the volcano area without knowing about the activity, the volcano erupted. I feel blessed. The morning was slow, we were watching the lava going out and the rivers forming. Can express the feeling. I wish everyone could see something like this in life. Unbelievable. Then we went for lunch and I was really tired, my day was very slow and we didn't do much but a road trip through the east coast, impressive too. At night we camped at Grand Etang parking area, I wanted to capture some stars, however, I was too tired and went to sleep for days after sunrise.
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