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Grand Etang - Cascades du Bras d'Annete - Bassin la Mer - Bassin la Paix - Gîte de Bélouve Reunion Day 8 I did wake up for sunrise, however, I was lazy and I arrived at the lake a bit later than I should, found my happy place too. Stunning lake reflection with the sun on our backs. I really liked the Grand Etang Lake, it made me feel really into nature. After that, we went on waterfalls seeking, first the Cascades du Bras d'Annete, wonderful green canyon at the end of the lake, and a beautiful walk. Then we went swimming to Bassin la Mer and Bassin la Paix, another of those pearls of Reunion, we had a refreshing bath and delicious lunch. In the afternoon we were in the road for most of the time, distances here are not big, however roads are to be driven slowly, most of them are going through mountains passes or deep forest. Once we arrived the clouds already had covered the whole valley without much to see until night, where I was enjoyed a few mountain peaks in the distance.
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