Saint-Philippe, France - Polarsteps

Gîte de Bélouve - Trou de Fer - Bassin De Manapany - Grand Gallet - Cap Mechant Reunion Day 9 I don't know how many sunrises I've seen here already, but I wouldn't miss one. Today we had another for the books, the whole Cirque du Salazie awoke with the sun lighting peaks like candle lights. Such a beautiful moment. Then we headed to Trou de Fer, aka, the Iron Hole, and as I imagined, the view from the viewpoint was quite different from the pictures I had seen. Those are from a helicopter. I took the drone out for a spin, however the aerial traffic got me nervous and got it back. In any case the whole valley it's impressive, just the viewpoint doesn't have the best view. The afternoon was quite relaxed, we had a bath at one the many sea natural swimming pools and stay there almost until sunset. Then we rushed to find a place to sleep close by the Grand Gallet, an incredible waterfall, but we didn't find a place and had to go towards the coastline. Finally found one, set the tent and sleep.
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