Saint-Pierre, Réunion - Polarsteps

Cap Mechant - Grand Galet - Cascade du trou noir - Saint Pierre Reunion Day 10. Didn't sleep well last night, it was too warm, woke up for sunrise and really enjoyed the waves sound at the rocky coastline in Cap Mechant, wonderful area as well. From here we headed towards the waterfalls. Grand Galet is simply stunning, water coming from everywhere in the cliffs, and thankfully we were just alone. After the fall we saw another one down the river, as we were in a rush to drop off the car we could not have a bath, but it was really inviting us. The car was dropped at Saint Pierre airport and from there we took a bus to the city. In the city we had lunch, a shower at the hotel and enjoyed the beautiful sunset, sun coming behind the ocean horizon, and to the right the incredible mountains of Reunion. First sunset to see them from the distance, mind blown by them and how close they are. After sunset we walked around the village looking for a restaurant didn't see much since it was dark already.
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