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Saint Pierre - Le Gouffre de l'Étang-Salé - Saint-Leu - Le Maïdo Reunion Day 11 Today is the first day I didn't do the effort for sunrise, and it's ok. So first thing was breakfast, and then pick up the car, a nice Volkswagen Polo. As soon as we had it, we started this second part of the road trip. We stopped by the lava formations where the sea gets through, pretty amazing. Even more amazing, when we saw a Whale in the distance. Totally nervous I did prepare the drone and took it to the air. Finding the whale was another story, quite difficult since she had gone quite far. But found her! Seriously beautiful, such an incredible moment, and she wasn't alone. Sadly I had to return the drone and we lost sight, but I will remember this moment for ages. We kept going and had a bath at the ocean, then lunch next to it, and later than we expected we started the drive towards Maïdo. The road was winding and we pass through the clouds, my expectations were little to see anything at sunset. But once we arrived at the top, the whole Cirque du Mafate was perfectly seen. And I have to admit, the view is the best so far. Not only that I can't imagine how this could have been formed thousands of years ago, and how is been shaped during the after years of formation. I liked so much I went back at night, and once again left me speechless.
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