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Le Maïdo - La Saline-Les-Bains - Plage de l'Hermitage - Saint-Gilles Reunion Day 12 I would say I've been dreaming about days like today. I woke up in the mountains for sunrise, spectacular again Le Maïdo, the view is stunning and I can't believe at 1500m drop there's a village. After that we headed back to the tent, pack everything and went to the beach. To my surprise, again, we saw a few whales in the distance, took the drone for a spin, and whoala! There they were, mother and calf playing around, a dream for me. I was shaking while taking pictures of the moment. The rest of the day was a bit more relaxed, we did some kayaking, some snorkeling too and ended up tired having a nap on the sand. We upgraded our tent for a little house, and at 4 we checked in, had a shower and again headed out for sunset. I was expecting more whales around, however, they were too far. So we enjoyed their presence and jumps from the distance. Then we had dinner and back home to sleep.
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