Emirates Palace, United Arab Emirates - Polarsteps

Emirates palace is the 3rd most expensive hotel every built, with a price tag of around 3 billion USD. One thing that you notice right away is that there is Gold everywhere you look! There is gold in the toilets, rooms, on the ceiling, literally everywhere. There is even a gold vending machine in the hotel! The hotel is spending roughly 130.000 USD per year to upkeep the golden dome and 5KG (11 pounds) of gold is used each year for decorating the food they serve in the restaurant! Crazy! If you want to stay in one of the 400 residences, make sure to bring your credit card since the cheapest room is around 600 USD per night and the suites around 15.000 USD per night. This includes an in-room tablet and 24 hour butler service though. The penthouse floor has six Ruler's Suites which are reserved exclusively for dignitaries, such as royalty.
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