Miami, United States - Polarsteps

Alright I finally made it, but do not ask me how! Let me start with the positive; the flight was long but not too bad to be honest. Before checking in online, I checked what the flight path would most likely be, so I would have a window seat on the right side of the aircraft (since like 80% on the left side during the flight is ocean view, so nothing to see). This worked out great! I saw both the Swiss and French alps, the eiffel tower, snowy Canada and a nice skyline of Miami. Win Win! But then the fun part again; US border control.... The officer at the passport desk, who was checking my passport, found it very odd that I was traveling alone, for three weeks, staying at airbnb’s with a busy/ambitious travel plan and with “only” one suitcase. After being escorted by another officer, they checked my luggage and interviewed me regarding my travel plans. Only the film crew from the tv show “Border Security: America” was missing.... 40-45 minutes later, I was free to go. Picked up my rental car and drove to my first airbnb. Time to get some rest and take it easy tomorrow, because the day after, I will be driving to Key West which is a 4,5 hour drive.... Stay tuned
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