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Today I went out to explore the Everglades. It was pretty cloudy today which was perfect for the airboat trip. Not too hot and less likely to catch the sun ;) During the hour airboat tour, we came across multiple alligators, from small to big, male and female. The tour guide had some tricks up his sleeve to lore the alligators out of the water and get them close to the boat. A couple times they were so close that he was able to touch them. He mimicked the sound a mother alligator makes when they have young, and he fed them some treats. Really cool to see them from up close and to hear that distinctive sound when the alligator shuts his mouth fast. The internet connection in the Everglades is not great so the cashier had issues with validating my card. When the tour guide showed up to say that they were leaving, the cashier said that I was all good. Free of charge ride for me! ☺️
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